2011 Ford Mustang Preview: Duratec V6, Direct Injection, and Ecoboost

Information released on the 2011 Ford Mustang contained no official engine announcements, but there are rumblings that suggest a much more powerful 3.7L Duratec V6 could replace the popular 4.0L variant. The 4.0L V6 of the 2005-2010 base model Mustang proved to be great, both stock and modified, but with the current Chevrolet Camaro offering […] More »

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EcoBoost in a Mustang?

Ford hasn’t been particularly forthcoming with the public about what engine options will be present for the 2011 Mustang.  Rumors based on comments from a variety of Ford management members, including Bill Ford Jr., would lead us to believe that at some point in the near future the Mustang will be powered by a 3.7L […] More »

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2009 SEMA Preview: The 2010 Steeda Q Series Mustang

The folks at Steeda showed off the first edition of their take on the 2010 Ford Mustang in July with the debut of the Steeda Sport Edition Mustang.  That model featured underdrive pullies, a short throw shifter, a “performance air cleaner”, sport springs, and a variety of dress up items to help it stand out […] More »

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2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Review: Engine, Performance, Suspension, and Pricing

Joining the market this past spring, the Ford Shelby 2010 GT500 benefited from lessons learned when the ultra high-performance 2008-2009 Ford GT500KR came out. The next GT500 also improved inside thanks to interior developments applied to the updated base models.

  Comments | By - October 2, 2009

2010 Ford Mustang Review: Engine, Parts, Performance, Styling, and Pricing

Other than the roof panel, everything on the 2010 Ford Mustang is new when this year. Not just new, all of it is improved in some way compared to the 2004-2009 version of America’s favorite sporty car.

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