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Originally Posted by slipperman View Post
Too weird.
Maybe you can get to it from the other side where the axle did come out. The axle has a center drill point on it, so you could perhaps fashion a bar with a center "bump" on it to locate on the adjacent axle.
Smack it with a hammer to extract.
Also, just to be sure, check the axle around the groove where the C clip was to be sure there's no burr raised causing it to hang up.
I know I refreshed the page before I posted and didn't see your most recent post Slipperman, sorry. Kinda how things are going for me lately lol.

Thank you for that suggestion after yanking around on it for a while I looked that c clip end of the axle over pretty darn good just to be sure it wasn't some kind of a bur or something as you suggested.

I did think about that bar idea but I didn't have anything handy and would have had to go buy something or try to find a trash pile somewhere. After trying my brilliant chain idea I just figured it would be easier to rent the axle puller and give that a go. I did get it out but there was some serious hammering I had to do... I was very determined, you should have seen the bearing explode into pieces when that thing finally came loose.

Thanks again for your help Slipperman now on to getting the rest of that bearing out...
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