2008 Ford Cobra Jet Mustang

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Cobra Jet DS.JPGIn 1968 a handful of Ford dealerships and experienced Mustang racer Bob Tasca collaborated to produce the Cobra Jet Mustang.  Originally, they intended to offer 50 Cobra Jet’s, but in the three year run of the moniker, closer to 2,900 were made.  The 68 CJs came with the 428 cubic inch engine, making 335 horsepower and 445 lb-ft of torque, and it was fed by a ram air induction setup.  This was among the quickest cars available at that time, and reported quarter mile times are typically in the low 14 second range.

cobra jet rear.JPGThe 2008 Cobra Jet Mustang looks to make the same claim, although the modern version is not street legal, and those stock quarter mile times are sure to be much faster (Ford claims to expect mid to low 11s).  The new Cobra Jet is strictly intended for racing purposes, so the FR500CJ comes with only a serial number, rather than a VIN. This package begins with the heart of the project; the 5.4L supercharged engine, similar to that found in the Shelby GT500 and the Ford GT Supercar, although Ford is only advertising 400 horsepower out of the new Cobra Jet to conform to racing class restrictions, and this lower power 5.4 is affectionately called the 5.4 Cobra Jet.  The 5.4CJ exhales via huge stainless steel long tube race headers,  and the power is sent to the wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission leading into a Ford 9″ rear end, complete with all of the components to meet NHRA safety restrictions.

cobra jet engine.JPGThe suspension has been upgraded for drag racing, with Ford Racing adjustable dampers, Ford’s drag race spring kit, and the CJs own rear control arms and anti-roll bar.  The Cobra Jet wears a set of 5-star race wheels, referred to as Cobra Jet Wheels by Ford, which look an awful lot like Weld ProStars.  They measure 15×4″ in the front and 15×10″ in the rear, with “skinnies” up front and Goodyear drag slicks in the rear.

The interior and exterior of the 2008 Cobra Jet are unique, with the exterior displaying the huge Cobra Jet graphic, finished in a very patriotic scheme, and inside the car there is a set of Cobra Jet seats and a 5″ Ford Racing tachometer.

As was the case in 1968, Ford plans to produce an initial run of 50 units of the Cobra Jet Mustang, although with the fact that the car is not street legal, we aren’t likely to see the production numbers that were offered in ’68.  The speculated MSRP of the FR500CJ is expected to be around 65,000-69,000, and Ford has stated that all 50 units are already spoken for in the 2008 model year, so if youre hoping to buy a new Cobra Jet, you should be hoping to see production for the 2009MY.

Will the performance measures of the Cobra Jet make it worth the money, or is this an instant collectible that should be packed away safely? Talk about it here!

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