SEMA Review: Australian Super Snake

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rhd super snake.JPGThe Shelby Super Snake was set to debut in 1967, but due to the high price of building what would have been the king of all cobras, only one of the intended fifty was produced.  Luckily, the highest horsepower production Mustang ever built did hit the streets…some 41 years later.  The 2008 Super Snake, packing from 600 to 725 horsepower, depending on the options chosen., but in either case the new Super Snake is the most powerful factory offered Mustang ever (the lower horsepower models even come with a warranty).  

rhd super snake interior.JPGSince 1990, Crossover Car Conversions and Mustang Motorsports has been building right-hand drive Mustangs for the Australian market, and at the 2008 SEMA Show, the Shelby display featured the first right hand drive GT500 Super Snake. At first glance, it may just seem like a normal Super Snake, but there are a few differences from the typical US market Super Snakes. 

rhd super snake fender.JPGFirst, the Australian model lacks headlight covers, but more importantly it includes a set of market lights, behind the front wheels, just below the fender badges.  Also, unlike the US models, this Super Snake has the words included in the GT500 striping along the bottom of the car.  The final touch is, of course, the full interior conversion to right hand drive.  Most importantly, the RHD Mustang packs all of the punch of the American versions, so the most powerful Mustang ever built will be available to virtually everyone in the world, if they have deep enough pockets.

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