2013 Cobra Jet Mustangs Hit The Track

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by Marcus Slater
Mustang Forums

If there’s one thing that Mustangs can do well, it’s run. Ford’s 2013 Cobra Jet turn-key drag racers put on a show as they spring down the quarter mile in this video. Both the naturally-aspirated and the supercharged models were testing at the Palm Beach International raceway. A good look at the new cars shows us two things:

1. They’re really good at doing burnouts. 2. They both look really quick.

Of course, they’re both hopelessly street-illegal, meaning that you’ll probably only be able to see these things at the track. They’re built to NHRA specs, so I anticipate seeing these cars burning down the quarter mile in competitions around the country. It won’t come cheap, though, as the naturally aspirated car will cost $$85,490. The supercharged model comes in at a steep $92,990. For a competitive turn-key racer, though, the price might be worth it.

Experience with the Cobra Jets? Could your built beast outrun these bought bullets? Let your voice be heard in the forum!

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