Could This AWD Mustang Be the Barn Find of the Decade?

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All-wheel-drive 1970 convertible barn find is likely one of a kind.

Don’t let the rusty body fool you. This could very well be one of the coolest Mustang barn finds in years. Why? Well, simply because of one reason only. The badly worn 1970 Mustang is possibly the only factory convertible model of the Ford pony car that features all-wheel drive.

Wait, did Ford make an AWD production Mustang in the ’70s?

Nope, not exactly. But as you might recall, a British racing company known as Massey Ferguson created a couple of all-wheel-drive models sometime after the first Mustang launched. However, it’s always been thought that there were only two of their AWD prototypes. So, the belief is that this extremely rare AWD 1970 convertible was actually created for a private customer, possibly making it one of the only ones in existence.

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Crazy, right? Yep, that’s what we thought when we first stumbled on the car in a report by The Drive.

Even crazier, it’s actually up for sale, which certainly would make quite the addition to any Mustang collection. Though, it’s clear the car needs a lot of work to get back into show-car condition. In fact, as The Drive points out, it appears that the convertible is missing an engine and front drive unit, based on how high it’s sitting. And the interior looks like it needs to be completely gutted.

Then again, we’ve seen far-worse looking Mustangs restored to their days of former glory. And one thing’s for certain, this one is certainly worth the effort.

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