Neiman Marcus Mustangs Might Be Pony Car’s Biggest Flop Ever

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Detroit dealership still stuck with 51 of 100 limited Neiman Marcus Christmas models.

Occasionally, a custom Mustang misses the mark. Of course, if you’ve spent any time at a decent event where a lot of Ford pony cars are being displayed, that really comes as no surprise. Among every dozen or so cars that show up for a Mustang event, you’re bound to find at least one custom model that leaves you scratching your head.

Neiman Marcus

Now, what we typically don’t expect is for a factory-themed custom Mustang to fall miserably flat. But as detailed in an Autoblog report, that’s exactly what happened with the limited-edition Mustang GTs that were part of the 2015 Neiman Marcus Christmas book. Remember those supercharged, 700-horsepower blue convertible models that were supposed to be the ultimate Christmas gifts? Well, evidently, Santa didn’t get as many requests for the ‘Stangs as expected.

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Of the 100 specialty models made for the Christmas campaign, there are still 51 units sitting at a dealership in Michigan, unsold. The poor sales could actually stem from the fact that the Mustangs had an asking price of $95,000 each. Or maybe that they were initially listed as an all-wheel-drive car when first featured in the Neiman Marcus catalog. Nope, Ford doesn’t offer all-wheel-drive Mustangs as of yet. But apparently, the mistake managed to slip by Neiman Marcus’s fact checkers before going to print.

Oh, and that $95K asking price? Well, you can knock $10K off that now.

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