American Flag Made of Mustangs Coming to Carlisle

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Last year's Corvette

Carlisle, Pennsylvania is a town known mostly for its car shows. For this year’s Carlisle Ford Nationals event, the organizers are going all out; a group of 153 Mustangs will come together to create the image of an American flag. Assembled from show participants volunteering their cars for the project, the flag will undoubtedly feature Mustangs from throughout the car’s long history.

The main flag will consist of 57 red Mustangs, 51 white ones and 35 blue ones. There will also be a flagpole made up of 10 silver Mustangs. Anyone with an appropriate car registered for the show can sign up to participate, and there will be several cars on standby to ensure that the flag can still be completed if a participant fails to show up. The event is also offering a $20 package featuring a commemorative poster and T-shirt, as well as a time-lapse video of the flag being created.

This is not the first time Carlisle has created an American flag out of American cars. In August 2015, a fleet of Corvettes was carefully put in place to imitate the design, a tradition at the Corvettes at Carlisle event. However, this will be the first time that Mustangs have been used. Event organizers typically take aerial photos to give the public a better look at the complete flag, along with a time lapse video showing off the creation.

Mustangs at Carlisle

Beyond the Flag

Central Pennsylvania has become quite a hub for car enthusiasts. You can visit hundreds of mustangs, head over to the Pennsylvania Auto Show, or even drive by the house of the man with 30,000 toy cars. You can also check out all the other events at Ford Nationals, all designed to celebrate and show off various Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles. More than 2,800 vehicles will occupy the large National Parts Depot show field, brought in by enthusiast owners from across the country. There will also be an indoor show featuring custom hot rods, unique classics, and concept cars. Ford will have a significant presence at the show, displaying historically significant cars and offering test drives of certain vehicles.

Carlisle Events has also made sure to include some more engaging activities, including a burnout contest and autocross events. The autocross will allow drivers of all skill levels to get a taste of racing without the danger of other drivers on the track. A select group of 400 vehicles will be selected for a parade through downtown Carlisle, led by Ford representatives showing off the newest cars.

As with previous years, a number of awards will be given out to show participants with the best-looking cars. These awards include celebrity picks, best-in-class, and even a Kids’ Choice Award. Vehicles are grouped by model, year, and whether the car is modified or unmodified.

Carlisle certainly knows how to put on an event, and the Mustang flag is certain to be a showstopper.

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