Batmobile Sitting on a Fox Body Chassis?

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Batmobile based on a Mustang.

The Mustang is one of the best platforms on which to build your dream car. Even if your dream is caped crusading in a Batmobile.

The original Batmobile was built using a Lincoln concept car called the Futura. The car was sold to George Barris for just $1 to turn it into the Batmobile. It took his team just three weeks and $30,000 to build one of the most iconic automobiles in TV history. Barris held onto the car and finally sold it in 2013 for $4.2 million.

It’s one hell of a story, and we doubt this attempt at a replica of the iconic car will transcend it. It’s based on a 1987 Ford Mustang that retains its original V8 and manual transmission. Unfortunately, the original listing is now gone, but we sincerely hope the owner got his $5000 asking price.

A replica Batmobile based on a Ford Mustang.

It would be easy to mock this attempt at a Batmobile, but we just don’t have the cold, dead hearts to do it. Someone has put real time and effort into this with a tight budget. What looks like a cheap copy of a Batmobile would, after all, make an exceptional LeMons racing car. Or a fun car to take to fairs and put smiles on the faces of kids. Even the interior has been crafted to evoke the feeling Adam West’s Batman had when jumping in his mobile crime-fighting unit.

Holy Batphone Batman!

The additional piece attached to hacked up original steering wheel is an Interact V3 Racing Wheel Controller. Unfortunately, we are neither old or nerdy enough to identify the phones. 

Rear view of the Batmobile Mustang

Continuing the budget restrictive but inventive features, the roll hoops appear to be fashioned from pieces of garden hose. The air vent behind the exhaust also looks suspiciously like it came from Home Depot. Thankfully the engine looks relatively unmolested.

Hopefully, that means the new owner can do their caped crusading with a reasonable expectation of reliability.

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