Author: Ian Wright

Honda-Powered Mustang is Happening: Grab Pitchforks

Honda-Powered Mustang

Whether you think it’s genius or sacrilege, this guy is building a monstrous Honda-powered Mustang to drag race.

  Comments | By - August 11, 2017

6-Speed Manual Gearbox Made With LEGO Technic

Lego Technic Gearbox

A Sweden teen has taken his creativity to another level by building a working LEGO model of a manual six-speed transmission.

  Comments | By - August 3, 2017

This Ratty 3rd-Gen Fox Body Sleeper Packs A 7.5-Litre Big Block V8

Fox Body Sleeper Big Block Swap

Yes, this battered car is really a brutal-sounding Fox Body sleeper. If you want it, the owner is selling it for $7,999.

  Comments | By - August 1, 2017

2018 Mustang GT does 0-60 in under 4 Seconds!

The Updated 2018 Ford Mustang GT will go 0-60 in under four seconds.

Yes, the 2018 Mustang GT will be able to get to 60 mph before you’ve finished reading this sentence.

  Comments | By - July 25, 2017

Someone Crossed a Mustang With a RAM 4×4, and It’s Not Pretty

Mustang RAM Hybrid

Understated, cool, elegant, and stylish. These are words nobody could use to describe this Mustang transplanted onto a Dodge RAM 4×4 chassis.

  Comments | By - June 28, 2017