Category: 1999-2004 New Edge Mustang

Vintage Road-Racing in a 2002 Mustang Cobra

The Smoking Tire’s Matt Farah goes vintage racing on the cheap.

  Comments | By - May 22, 2017

Don’t Be “That Guy”: Here’s How Not to Drive a Mustang

When it is all said and done, you just don’t want to be “that guy.”

  Comments | By - April 21, 2017

Mustang Driver Rows Own Gears for 8s

Cobra clone runs hard with the driver using all three pedals.

  Comments | By - April 19, 2017

This Young Man’s First Car is a Terminator Mustang Cobra

What was your first car? The kid in the following video, Peter, got a 2003 Terminator Mustang Cobra as his first set of wheels.

  Comments | By - April 18, 2017

Mustang Drag Race Compilation Is More Like Demolition Derby!

If you didn’t already know, always double-check your hood fasteners and window seals before going racing!

  Comments | By - April 6, 2017

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