1500hp Cobra Terminator Practices for ‘Street Outlaws’

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Cobra Mustang Street Outlaws

Earning star time on Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws doesn’t come easy, but driving off with the top crown for the TV show and the grand prize of $16,000 grand prize is of course, even harder.

The clip below, posted by 1320video, provides a little taste of what it takes to compete for the coveted spot by capturing a few street test runs of a BoostedGT 1500 horsepower Cobra hoping to compete on the show.

The 2003 Terminator is equipped with a massive 88mm turbo boosting a 347ci motor shifted through a TH400 transmission and a few other secret ingredients. And she’s got a pretty menacing rumble too, as highlighted in the clip. With only 10 days until the brand new season for Street Outlaws starts, we’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for this high-powered Mustang on one of the runs.

Pulling it off, however, certainly won’t be easy. The show supposedly features some of the fastest street races in the country.

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via [1320video]

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