Mustang Cobra Jet Eats Drag Strips, Drags Bumper

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The Mustang Cobra Jet is one badass machine that eats up drag strips like a fat kid devours licorice ropes. In theĀ BigKleib34 video below, we have a wicked-good looking Cobra Jet in Grabber Blue paint doing the drag strip dance. Every race here is only a shorty 1/8th mile, but in all of them, the car manages to sit in the lower fives.

The slowest of the three runs is the first, in which the Cobra Jet launches so hard that all the driver can see is sky. After a quick bumper drag, the car lands hard sending sparks flying everywhere. Still, the car breaks in under that six-second mark.

Of course, with that supercharged V8 engine, and full NHRA spec prep including a roll-cage, this car was born to go fast.

Watch the car, hear the noise, and live the glory. Just press that play button below.

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via [BigKleib34]

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