This eBay Mercury Capri May Just Be the One

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Unique Fox Body Capri Priced at $12,500

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to buy something a bit more unique when it comes to old-school Mustangs, then this 1986 Mercury Capri might fit the bill.

This oft-forgotten sibling to the Ford pony car exudes everything we’ve come to appreciate about the Fox Body platform … only it’s badged with the now discontinued Mercury nameplate.

In fact, if your friends haven’t quite crossed that thirty-something threshold, there’s a good chance you might be able to convince them it’s some rare specialty Mustang.


After all, the car does have a few unique design features that might sell a Mustang novice on the idea. As detailed in a Bring a Trailer report, some of the most notable include a totally different fascia, flared fenders, a vented hood, and the Carpi’s convex hatch window.

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Of course, a quick Google search will show that the Capri was actually a variant sold under Ford’s Mercury division from 1970 to 1994.

The Capri pictured here is a 1986 model equipped with Ford Motor Co.’s 200-horsepower, 5.0-liter fuel-injected engine. The car is currently listed on eBay in Canton, Ohio with a current bid of $10,900. Although, it appears the owner is shooting to collect at least $12,500 for the car. And they might very well get it.

According to the stats, this Capri only has 79,000 miles on the odometer, and it appears to be in pretty good condition. The owner even claims the car’s red paint is original, which certainly adds to its appeal.

However, any car more than 30 years old is bound to have accumulated a few dents and dings along the way. Apparently, this Capri is no exception. But it’s still quite intriguing, right?

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