Tragedy Strikes Mustang After Leaving Car Meet

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Another poor pony bites the dust thanks to some stupid showboating, and what’s worse? It’s a beautiful classic.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that the Mustang has recently become famous for a rather sobering statistic. We’re talking, of course, about the large number of cars crashing into people and other cars on their way out of meets and shows. We Mustang owners have become the butt of many jokes as a result, but the vast majority of these incidents occur when young, inexperienced drivers attempt to showboat.

Except for this latest crash, that is. This one didn’t involve an S197 or S550, but rather a pretty gorgeous first-gen Mustang. We only get to see the aftermath of the crash, so we have to rely on the narrator for info. But it’s pretty obvious the Mustang was leaving some sort of meet when it smashed into the side of a Toyota Tacoma pickup.

Ford Mustang Crash

The narrator of the video places all the blame on the classic pony car driver, however. “He flew down the street, went over the bushes, and slammed into this guy making a turn.” Thankfully, neither driver was hurt. But the poor pony looks like a total loss. And by the sounds of things, it all happened because he was just trying to show off.

Ford Mustang Crash

Just another good one lost, and another black eye for Mustang owners. It goes without saying, but everyone should (carefully) learn the limits of their cars in a safe environment, like the track. And really, don’t be the guy that just has to show off at your next meet. Otherwise, your fun day can quickly turn into a rather sobering one. And you can bet somebody will be there to film the whole thing and make you internet famous.

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