Fox Body Mustang Gains New Life with Terminator Infusion

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YouTuber ThatDudeInBlue makes some incredible pulls in a supercharged Fox Body with a New Edge pony dashboard.

The Fox Body Mustang shook-off the malaise of the disco-era Mustang II, ultimately providing a platform for tuners and customizers to build the Eighties pony into whatever they wanted out of it.

Little did they know one of those ideas would involve a New Edge-era Mustang Terminator Cobra, but such a beast exists today. YouTuber David Patterson (a.k.a., ThatDudeinBlue), broke his four-year Fox drought with an all-black Mustang containing the heart, soul, and interior of a Terminator.

Terminator Fox-body Mustang

“Ladies and gentlemen, today we are in an 1992 Ford Mustang Fox Body,” says Patterson. I have not done a Fox-body in four years, but that is because I’ve been waiting for something special. The Fox-body is one of the most used drag racing platforms in the entire world, and I thought, ‘I’m not going to do another stock one, no way.'”

Thus, VMP Performance invited Patterson to check out their Terminator Fox Mustang, which comes with VMP’s own 2.65-liter Gen 3 2650 TVS Supercharger mounted atop the 4.6-liter, 32-valve DOHC V8 (with attached six-speed manual) from a Terminator Cobra. The entire car weighs only 3,100 pounds, the manual is tough to shift fast without proper skill, and the owner broke the gas pedal off, leaving Patterson with “a rod” for him to floor it.

Terminator Fox-body Mustang

“The VMP Stage 3 Supercharger is no joke,” Patterson says. “I just put it on my car, and I will never look back. It’s incredible, and it makes gobs of power. This Fox-body makes over 700 horsepower… it’s nothing to be messed around with.”

What is messing with Patterson, though, is the interior swap. Instead of the Fox-body’s original dash and steering wheel, this Mustang has the full dash and steering wheel from a Terminator Cobra. The Terminator’s heart, on the other hand, “looks very natural” and suits the Fox Body to a T.

Terminator Fox-body Mustang

“Are you losing the soul of the Terminator by putting it into a different body?” asks Patterson. “Absolutely not. This feels like a Terminator on steroids. It feels even better… When you see a Fox-body, this is what you want. A lot of the times, you’ll see these beautiful show-car Fox bodies, and you appreciate them… you hope to God it sounds like this and feels like this.”

And it sounds and feels like an absolute monster on the highways of Florida, to the point where during a few pulls, the camera shook hard from the vibration of the supercharged V8, rendering Patterson a total laughing blur.

Terminator Fox-body Mustang

“At the end of the day, is it worth Terminator-swapping a Fox Body?” Patterson asks. “Yes! Yes, it is! And you should do it, and you should definitely, definitely put a Gen 3 supercharger on it by VMP because it’s awesome.”

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