Ford Mustang Crashes Into Cake Shop

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Driver’s casual “I’m chillin’, bro” response to a group of bystanders pretty much says it all.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably grown numb to all the Mustang crash videos. Well, how about one with a little frosting on the side? Yep, we mean frosting in the literal sense, not figuratively speaking.

Mustang Crashes Into Cake Shop

According to a report by The Drive, it appears that the Mustang driver crashed into a cake shop in Addison, Texas, called Nothing Bundt Cakes.

OK so there’s actually no official report that the Mustang actually wound up getting covered with any frosting. But it certainly makes for entertaining fodder when playing out the story in your mind.

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What’s not entertaining is the Mustang driver’s rather matter-of-fact attitude about it all as someone in the cake shop walks around appearing to be surveying all the damage, as captured in the video clip below.

At one point in the clip, the Mustang driver even responds to a crowd of guys on the scene with the words, “I’m chillin’, bro,” acting as if he isn’t that concerned about the damage to the car. But our guess is that after he gets wind of the charges for all the damage done to the cake shop, he’ll have an entirely different response than “I’m chillin’, bro.”

In fact, that wrecked Mustang (as banged up as it might be), is the least of his worries. The damage to the storefront windows along is likely to cost several thousands to replace. Not to mention the thousand dollars of damage done inside the shop. And who knows if the Mustang is even salvageable.

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