Ford Mustang 1 Concept Mold Is a Once in a Lifetime Find

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Ford Mustang 1 Concept

Mold reportedly used to make the body for the non-running Mustang 1 Concept strangely surfaces for sale on Craigslist.

Astute Mustang historians undoubtedly already know that the Mustang 1 Concept, which debuted in 1962, was the very first pony. But the concept was also quite different from the production 1964 1/2, what with its mid-mounted V-4 engine and spaceship looks. Only one running and one non-running Mustang 1 were produced, the former now residing at the Henry Ford Museum and the latter reportedly gone forever. But amazingly enough, the mold reportedly used to produce the non-running example’s body shocking surfaced on Craigslist recently.

The listing obviously didn’t last very long before it was deleted, but Barn Finds was tipped off to its existence by one of their readers. It’s amazing to think that an important piece of Mustang history like this might end up in private hands. But that’s apparently what happened. The seller, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, claims that their father purchased the mold back in the ’60s. He had it shipped home, where it’s remained ever since.

Ford Mustang 1 Concept

Barn Finds believes that this mold was used only to produce the non-running Mustang 1 prototype, as the running example’s body was made from metal. The non-running car’s body was, on the other hand, fashioned from fiberglass. That particular car is believed to no longer exist, but who knows? If the mold used to make it can surface after 50+ years, perhaps it’s sitting in a barn somewhere, too.

Mustang 1 Concept

If this mold is in fact real, the $16,000 asking price was probably quite fair. Now, there’s no telling who got their hands on it. Or if the seller yanked it after receiving a raging sea of interest. Personally, we hope that this mold lands back in the possession of Ford. But who knows, perhaps some enterprising reproduction company like Factory Five could use it to recreate the Mustang 1 for consumer consumption. How awesome would that be?

Ford Mustang 1

The fate of this interesting artifact seems like it’ll remain a mystery, at least for now. And if it lands in the hands of a private collector, that will probably remain the case. But that won’t stop us from dreaming of the possibilities. Not to mention make us wonder what else lies out there in the world, undiscovered!

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