Ford Releases the Final Teaser!!

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2010_mustang_taillight.jpgWith the Los Angeles Auto Show just seven days away, Ford Motor Company has released what we can expect to be the last of the teasers of the 2010 Mustang.  So far, we have seen the hood, the interior, the side profile, the wheels, and the badging for the GT models, not to mention numerous spay shots, from the base model to the GT500.  

06 2010 compare.JPGThis last shadowy picture gives us a good look at the rear panel, tail lights, spoiler, and the badging from a different angle.  The indented area that holds the badge and tail lights is much more fluid, with less of a squared-in look, and the indentation itself has become more of a subtle slope than a hard line.  The new tail lights taper inward along the bottoms with more of a round to the outer edges than what is found on the current Mustangs, and the 2010 rear bumper flows into the rear panel rather than just running along the bottom, giving the back of the car a far more aerodynamic look.  Adding to this smoothed look is the new GT spoiler, that has a shape somewhat like what is found on the Shelby models.

We know that the front end will have a more aggressive, at least in the GT models, but its unclear whether or not the rear will get the same treatment, but these teasers have been enough to keep everyone eagerly awaiting the LA Auto Show debut on November 21, 2008.

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