36 hours until 2010 debut!!

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2010 mustang gt badge teaser.jpgIts 11:00 a.m., on Monday, November 17, 2008, and in 36 hours Ford Motor Company will debut the 2010 Ford Mustang.  The eagerly anticipated launch of this major refresh to the S197 will meet the world at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but for those who don’t live in the area and cant make the Tuesday night debut, SPEED TV will air the release live!

We have seen the Mustang from just about every angle in spyshots and Ford has been teasing with shadowy shots of the new Pony, both inside and out, but the Tuesday night release should finally put to bed the speculation over the engine lineup. 

We know that the 2010 Mustang will have a more aggressive exterior, complete with a bulging hood, and that is what has helped to feed the rumors about a new engine.  Will the 2010 Mustang still offer the 4.6L 3V engine making the same 300 horsepower that it does now, even though the Camaro’s V6 base model also offers 300 horsepower and Dodge’s mid-level Challenger packs 370 hp, or will the 4.6 get a jump in power….or are the rumors of the return of the 5.0 true?

The debut of the 2010 Mustang on Tuesday night will give us a glimpse into the future and under the hood of the new Ford Mustang.  What do you think will be under the hood of the new Mustang? Talk about it here!

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