Torch 2.0 is a Fire Breathing Fox Body (Video)

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Torch 2.0 is a beast of a Fox Body that has been burning nitrous and wreaking havoc in no prep drag racing.

This video by 1320video highlights a flame spitting beast of a Mustang at the Ice Cream Cruise 2017. Piloted by Riley Windhorst, Torch 2.0 has been building a consistent reputation for tearing its way through no prep competitions. Both Windhorst and the car are a bit of an unknown quantity, so we got in touch to find out more.

Torch 2.0 Foxbody Mustang.

Under the hood of Torch 2.0, Windhorst claims it’s a small block built using “basic street car stuff.” To us, he revealed it’s actually a big block engine. However, won’t give away the actual displacement number.

We did ask how much nitrous he’s feeding the motor, but Windhorst is keeping his cards close to his chest there. He assures us it’s actually not a lot for no prep racing though. We suspect that he’s likely telling the truth there. Given how consistent and reliable the build is, the engine must be within a decent safety margin for power. The secret sauce is probably in the chassis tuning as much as the engine.

He describes the Mustang as being a hand full at times, but mostly it’s the easiest car he’s driven. A lot of that is down to the suspension setup which is all from Strange Engineering. The front struts are pro mod valved and the rear end has dual adjustable coilovers to help dial in the traction.

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Windhorst has always owned cars and grew up street racing, but took a break to get into motocross. After banging his body up on bikes, he looked for another type of racing. He took the original Torch Mustang to an event in Kansas and after making it to the semi-finals he found himself hooked. Then 2 years ago, Windhorst asked an old friend he used to street race with to be his crew chief. He agreed and they started to take drag racing seriously. When it comes to a long term approach to racing, their keyword is consistency. After all, it doesn’t matter if you have the most badass car at the track if it doesn’t make it to the finish line.

Unsurprisingly, the plan with Torch 2.0 is to go even faster, even though Windhorst is confident his Mustang can hang with the best in no prep racing. For Windhorst himself, he also has his eyes on Radial vs. The World and for that, he plans to build a whole new car. We look forward to seeing what he comes up with, and will certainly be following his exploits with interest.

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