Mustang Exhausts Guide

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Depending upon how you wish to outfit your Mustang with accessories, you may find that a sound muffler or exhaust system helps to improve not only the polish and performance of your vehicle, but the aesthetic as well. In terms of accessories and other non-performance parts that help to enhance the vehicle, a good exhaust system is among the best to choose from. Read on for a brief description of some of the best exhaust systems and where to find them.


Magnaflow exhaust systems are known for being high quality and for providing a clean, muffled sound that doesn’t increase the overall profile of your vehicle. These exhaust systems are also easy to find; they are listed on numerous websites for sale, either new or used, as well as in most auto body repair shops that specialize in Ford Mustang parts.


Flowmaster exhaust systems provide a sportier, more high profile exhaust system to help you create the most distinctive appearance for your Mustang that is possible. These exhaust systems are somewhat more difficult to find than those by Magnaflow, and you may need to do some looking in order to track one down in person. However, the selection on various second hand websites is great.


Borla produces some of the top end Mustang exhaust systems. These products are not inexpensive, but they provide one of the best appearances and some of the best sounds of any exhaust system. Your vehicle will be loud, noticeable and stylish with one of these Borla exhaust systems. Order them directly from the company website for the best prices, or you can look to local dealers, as they’re very popular as well.

Ask a professional for additional selection advice when you’re searching for exhaust systems.


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