Second-Most Insane Mustang Build Ever

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1967 Ford Mustang C5 Corvette Engine Swap

There’s actually less Mustang here than meets the eye, and get a load of that Hoonicorn inspiration.

Mind-boggling, isn’t it? Yep, and the look only tells half the story, highlighting the utter madness of this custom ’67 Mustang. In fact, this very well could be the second-most sacrilegious build we’ve ever seen. The number-one spot, of course goes to Ken Block’s unforgettable Hoonicorn. But this looks like something you’d expect to see on the movie set of Mad Max, right?

That said, the true insanity of this Mustang lies in what’s under the hood, which is an engine swap from a C5 Corvette, as detailed in a Hot Rod report. So, why would anyone choose to drop an LS engine in a rad-looking Mustang? Well, apparently because it was pretty cheap to get.

The builder, Kyle Scaife, says he bought the C5 as a salvage title and only paid $6,000 for the car. Kyle and his father then went to work, using the builder’s fabricator skills to get the Vette’s drivetrain fitted into the Mustang they’d grafted to a custom tube frame.

1967 Ford Mustang C5 Corvette Engine Swap

Of course, there’s nothing really groundbreaking about a LS swap. But in this particular build, the basic C5 Corvette configuration has been left intact, which makes it a lot more unique than some of the others we’ve come across over the years. The LS1 power plant sits in the front of the car, with the six-speed gearbox planted between the rear tires. So think of this more as a drivetrain swap than a simple LS swap.


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Kyle says he plans to keep the engine stock for now, but is considering adding a few bolt-on parts and a turbo setup some time down the road. Apparently, he’s in no rush to get those mismatched panels painted, either.  According to Hot Rod, the main goal with the paint work was just to make sure the bare metal was protected.

Personally, we like the unfinished look because it gives the mod more character. What do you think?

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