Mechanic Caught on Camera Redlining 2013 Mustang

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Mustang dealership

Here’ s some food for thought: the next time you take your car in for repair, you might want to set up a camera inside, just in case the mechanic deliberately tries to damage your vehicle.
Sure, that’ s certainly not what you’d typically expect when you take your car in to be fixed, but evidently all mechanics don’t necessarily have you or your car’s best interest at heart. 
That’s exactly what the owner of a 2013 Mustang learned after his video dash cam caught a Ford dealership mechanic driving his car saying, “I’m going to drive this bitch around redlining it. It’s either going to make it worse, or fu$%ing fix it.” 
Even crazier, it appears that one of the guys who worked at the dealership riding in the car even saw the dash cam and said, “Yeah, but I don’t know if he’s recording all the time.”
I guess it’s true: while it might be easy to fix a car, there’s just no way to fix stupid.

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Source [Car Scoops]

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