MGB Has a Mustang Heart and Dreams of Being a Cobra

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Hot Rod Garage goes old-school by combining an MGB with the V8 from a Fox Body Mustang.

Hot Rod Garage had a Mustang that was too heavy to run the kinds of quarter-mile times enthusiasts crave. So, they took its bone-stock, 200-horsepower 5.0L V8, and shoved it in an old Brit roadster.

Hot Rod Garage 5.OMG

Ever since Shelby shoehorned a Ford V8 into an AC Ace and dubbed it “Cobra,” people have been following this recipe. There’s a long history of building such cars for drag racing. And if done right, they can handle pretty well, too. But the “Five Point Oh Em Gee”, it must be said, is not built right.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that a lighter car is quicker with a more powerful engine from a heavier car. It’s simple physics: You’re using the same power level to motivate fewer pounds. By putting the engine from a 3,000-plus-pound car into a sub-2,000 pound one, Hot Rod Garage built a ridiculously fast machine that isn’t afraid to shred tires.

We have to say, this is our favorite builds to ever come out of the StudioTen garages. It’s the kind of thing that Roadkill’s Freiburger and Finnegan would build, but it was built with care and competence. Plus, it works as intended. That being said, we agree with Lucky Costa: There’s no chance in heaven you’d catch us driving the thing. Just watch how Tony Angelo drifts it on canyon roads to see how scary it is.

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