Awesome Eighties Mustangs Star in Less Than Zero Reboot

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1979 Ford Mustang GLX Less Than Zero Hulu

We caught a pair of Mustangs on an L.A. location-shoot for a new TV show based on the Eighties hit film. But what sort of role will they play?

These days, streaming TV shows are all the rage. Providing us with hours upon hours of binge-worthy material guaranteed to keep your keister glued to the couch. Now, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is another debate for another time. But we do know that we were particularly interested to learn that a pair of Mustangs play a major role in Hulu’s upcoming TV reboot of the 1987 film Less Than Zero, adapted from Bret Easton Ellisnovel of the same name.

We know this because the show was filming directly behind our offices right here in SoCal. Thus, we were able to easily spy two of the show’s stars parked nearby. And we aren’t talking about the kind you have to pamper with trays of little unpronounceable appetizers and fancy imported water throughout the day. No, these are Mustangs, and quite humble ones as well.

1976 Ford Mustang II

The first of the two Mustangs is a clean and original tan 1979 GLX. It’s actually quite the sight these days, given the fact that most Foxbodies like this one have since been gussied up with bigger motors and separated from their skinny original rolling stock. But this one is a proper time capsule, much like its fellow star, a 1976 Mustang II. That one is also tan with a brown vinyl roof. And it’s also in pretty outstanding original condition.

1979 Ford Mustang GLX

No word on what role these Mustangs play in the TV adaptation of Less Than Zero, nor who will be driving them. But according to Variety, the lead character, Clay, will be played by actor Austin Abrams. The college freshman returns home for the holidays to spend time with his girlfriend and buddy. The main premise of the show is to provide an in depth look at the rich, entitled youth of Los Angeles. And given the time period, it makes perfect sense that those youth would be driving Mustangs!

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