Restomod Fox Body Bucks the Traditional Cobra Ethos

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We know the Cobra came out in 1993, but if it had come out in 1986 instead, it might have looked a bit like this.

It’s time to upset the apple cart. Because at MustangForums, we’ve come to the conclusion that Fox Body Mustangs are equally as deserving of the title of “restomod” as any other earlier generation of Mustang. Sure, there’s been thousands of Eleanor clones and other restomods that came within the Mustang’s first 10 years of life. But we don’t think that a four-year run of Mustang II models somehow makes a cut-off of what is, and isn’t a restomod. In fact, we think this Cobra tribute found on eBay perfectly represents a more modern take on that theme.

We know the Cobra came out in 1993, but if it had come out in 1986 instead, it might have looked a bit like this. This four-eyed Fox wears the appropriate red paint, including on areas which would normally be black plastic. However, under the hood is where we can stand behind restomod Mustangs of this sort.

Ford Performance supplied the engine, which was already rated for an impressive 340 horsepower. But since that wasn’t quite enough, this Fox has a Vortech supercharger added bringing power to 413. Power is sent through a heavy-duty driveline, which terminates at hubs which have been converted to a 5-lug setup. Inside 17 inch Cobra R style wheels are upgraded brakes as well.

One area of the car goes against the grain of the restomod ethos, and that’s the interior. Aside from the racing safety equipment, the interior looks mostly stock. With other restomods interior changes range from mild to wild, but usually are wild.

Considering that prices of 4th gen Mustangs have leveled out, we can only assume that Fox Body Mustang values will only continue to rise as they get older, and as fewer good examples exist. Obviously, limited edition, special 3rd Gens will carry high values, but as GTs and LXs start to disappear or rot, survivors could carry a huge premium, and restored examples are likely to increase as well.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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