NASCAR Driver Cole Custer Shreds Tires in a Mustang Bullitt

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Up-and-coming pro-driver recently stopped by Hoonigan’s new shred center, ‘The Burnyard,’ to play with a Ford Mustang Bullitt.

Cole Custer knows how to handle a car. Currently participating in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, he has been racing since he was five and even raced late model cars at the Burnyard’s┬áhome, Irwindale Speedway, back when we was 14. He got into racing because of his dad, Joe Custer, who is currently high up in the Stewart-Haas Racing organization as well as sitting as CEO of the Haas Formula 1 Team.

When he isn’t tackling drivers, Cole drives the No. 00 Ford Mustang for Stewart-Haas Racing, so putting him in a production Mustang you know he can handle it and he knows what he is doing. The Bullitt Custer plays with in Hoonigan’s “backyard” just shines in the California sun.

NASCAR driver Cole Custer burns out Bullitt Mustang

The car gets the 5.0 liter V8 you have come to know and love, but from some finagling the power gets a bump up to 480 horsepower with that power handled with a manual transmission. The Hoonigans and Custer show off some of the cars more appealing aspects, such as the Brembo brakes, Recaro seats whose stitching matches the paint of the car, and the cars otherwise unassuming look.

NASCAR driver Cole burns out Bullitt Mustang

In the video, Custer mentions doing a few burnouts and donuts, but only when grabbing victories in NASCAR races. After little to no peer pressure at all, he starts his fun with a massive burnout shredding the Michelin tires. He then walks the burnout throughout the Burnyard. They all let the tires cool down a little bit to save them, apparently it was the only set they had to play with.

Custer then starts sliding the Bullitt around obstacles in the yard while producing tons and tons of white smoke for your enjoyment.

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