Pro Mustang Drifter Explains Why Big Builds Don’t Matter

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Building a monster Mustang drift car won’t guarantee success on the track but it provides valuable life lessons.

This video from the YouTube channel of pro drifter Shane Whalley addresses the negativity around monster builds, similar to the one that he is undertaking with his new Ford Mustang GT. However, as a pro drifter, Whaley can make real use of the all-out drift build, but that isn’t the case for most people.

As Whaley explains, building a monster Mustang drift car won’t guarantee you passage into Formula Drift, but it will teach you valuable life lessons and plenty of new automotive skills.

Whaley Mustang Rear

Big Builds

At the beginning of this video, Whalley gives us a quick walk-around of his current project – a new Ford Mustang GT drift car. As we can see, it has a rear-mounted cooling system, a 1,000-horsepower engine build, a gutted cabin and lots of custom chassis work. As a pro drifter, he can actually make use of this machine, but the average weekend drifter cannot.

Even with that in mind, some weekend warriors get into crazy projects that result in pro-style drift cars, only to crash them and be out a whole lot of money. For example, Whaley points out that he had roughly $60,000 in his GTO that he destroyed in a crash.

When people pour a ton of money into a project, only to go out and crash it right away, they end up losing interest in the sport, but as the pro points out – you don’t need to spend big money to have fun. He points out that a cheap car with 300 horsepower will provide far more fun-per-dollar than a big money build, especially when you finally hit a wall and his example is his Celica Supra shown below.

Whaley Celica Supra

Advantages of the Monster Projects

While Whaley points out that a big money build like his Mustang GT will never guarantee victory, he stresses the valuable lessons learned from a project like this. He talks about the fabrication skills learned while building his previous GTO, and how the items that he developed led to a career in high performance fabrication.

Whaley Mustang Front

Not everyone can turn a project car into a career and a big build won’t guarantee you a competitive edge on the drift track, but it will help develop important skills and lessons on life.

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