Why Doesn’t the 2010 Mustang Have more Power?

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2010 Ford Mustang close front.JPGThe Mustang GT has become the general performance model, which has been overshadowed a bit by the Cobra and GT500 over the years, but the Cobra production numbers are low, and the price is high in comparison to the GT.  But what if the 2010 Mustang GT was the mid-level full production package, with another trimline between the GT and the GT500?  

We all know how much Ford likes to relive vintage Mustang trimlines, especially on the classically styled S197 models. We also know how much Ford loves to celebrate anniversaries.  Combine those two things that are clear to see with a few popular rumors, such as the return of the 5.0 engine with 400 horsepower to the Mustang, and the return of the “Boss” moniker.  Boss Mustangs are currently a far cry from what they used to be, being little more than a rarely seen appearance/performance packages available through the aftermarket, but still the rumors have been that the “next” Mustang will be a Boss.

Combine the two rumors, and it would seem that you have a Boss 302 on your hands, which calls on its Mustang ancestry, as well as being able to recognize a 40th anniversary of the Boss, even though it didn’t begin in 1970.  A 400hp Boss 302 would fit perfectly in the lineup – leaving a nice gap in both price and power to the more exclusive GT500, but also giving a more competitive amount of power to deal with the new Camaro SS and Dodge Challenger SRT-8.  Perhaps we take the idea even further, and suggest that it could be named the Boss 429 Lawman, and even though it wouldn’t have a 429 big block or 1200 horsepower, it could make 429 horsepower, and then the comparative lightweight in the class would definitely cause some trouble for the Camaro and Challenger.

Again, this is merely speculation on my part, based on nothing more than rumors and my imagination, but if you look at the way that it would lay out, its almost perfect.  It would be perfect if the Boss cars had been released in 1970, but a 40th Anniversary Boss 429 Lawman Mustang, with a 5.0L, 429hp engine in the new, more aggressive 2010 Mustang would be awesome.  Do you think that we could see a 5.0L powered trimline between the GT and GT500 for 2010? Discuss this idea here!

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