This Young Man’s First Car is a Terminator Mustang Cobra

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18-year-old California teen starts his life of driving at the top of the New Edge Mustang lineup

What was your first car? That battered, rusted-out Dodge Aspen your older brother dented and drove into the ground? Your mom’s old, purple Toyota Previa minivan that got you to school, but no phone numbers? The kid in the above video, Peter, got a 2003 Terminator Mustang Cobra as his first set of wheels.

Aside from suspension upgrades and a catback exhaust, his Mustang hasn’t really received a bunch of mods. The rattle-prone interior has certainly gone without them. That’s OK. It’s big enough to fit Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire in the driver’s seat, even if Farah complains about how poor the driving position in New Edge Mustangs typically is.

He doesn’t have any bad things to say about the Cobra’s engine, though. Despite the fact that cars with 500, 600, and even 700+ horsepower are no longer unimaginable these days, Farah still thinks the 390-horsepower, supercharged 4.6-liter V8 makes the Cobra into a fast Ford. He finds the independent rear suspension to be as comfortable over crappy pavement as the engine is satisfying. If only the shifter for the 6-speed manual were a little easier to reach.

Thanks to his long arms, Peter has no problem getting to it. We have a feeling he’ll have no difficulties remembering his 18th birthday, either. He spent part of it riding shotgun next to Farah as he blasted down sunny California roads in his Mustang Cobra.

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