Mustang Driver Rows Own Gears for 8s

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Cobra clone runs hard with the driver using all three pedals.

It’s hard to overstate the speed of any 8-second car. Getting to 150 mph in the length of a city block deserves a lot of respect, for both car and driver. But we think drivers who can do that with three pedals deserve an extra bit of cred. For Anthony Heard and his manual all-Ford 1999 Mustang Cobra clone, those blink-and-miss-them 8-second passes have also brought him something else: victories. In these two clips, drag-racing videographer BigKleib34 caught Heard going about his business and cleaning up at the Orlando Speed World edition of Street Car Takeover.

Heard had previously run a very successful ‘91 Mustang with a naturally aspirated 363-cubic-inch Ford, but he’s now switched to a 331-inch engine running a healthy 76-millimeter Precision turbo. The transmission is a Tremec Magnum with a pistol-grip shifter and an Ace dual-disc clutch. Suspension from UPR and a set of radial tires work to hook up the big-power combination.

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After winning the Stick Shift Shootout at the NMRA Spring Break Shootout in Bradenton earlier this year, Heard said he’d only just finished the combination. Given how effortlessly it runs through the quarter-mile in these videos, it seems safe to say Heard knows how to put together a Mustang. The Cobra clone launches flawlessly after the typical turbo-car popping and banging, then just scoots down the groove with 8.9s and 9.0s all day.

We’re pretty sure Heard won the stick-shift event, though confirming results from Street Car Takeover are hard to come by. At the very least, nobody else took a win light in any of these videos. One thing is for sure: anything that runs 8.90s is a lot of car to shift manually, and we’re glad to see Anthony Heard out there banging gears with the best of them.

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