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Default Car washes....

I do not often take any of my cars to any type of automatic car wash. I always try to do it myself. However, due to a bad back last week and my car looking rather muddy due to all the rain, I gave one near work a try. When I pulled up the guy asked if I had been there before. I said no. He told me that "he had to tell me that the spoiler could be damaged if i went through." ( and yes, I then opted out for the car wash). Anyone have a problem with this?
I did not want to take the chance of destroying it my car to get it (sort of) clean.
We dont have any of the car washes that I have seen down south where the car wash thing does not touch the car, just the ones you drive through so I am kinda stuck.
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Default RE: Car washes....

I wouldn't chance it.
I never take mine through a wash, too many horror stories.
When my back is aching and I can't stand the dirt any longer, I'll take it to a pressure wash.
It doesn't do the best job, especially on the lower part of the car, but it does well enough so I don't have angst over the dirt.
(I'm so fanatical that once we had rain non-stop for 3 weeks, and I finally put on rain gear and washed it in the rain. At least I didn't have to worry about the soap drying)
I do not use pressure on my vinyl stripes, just the water flow that comes out with no trigger pull.
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Default RE: Car washes....

Just say no to the paint jobs nemesis called the CarWash
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Default RE: Car washes....

There is a true 100% hand wash over by me. No machine all hands. Its a $30 base wash but comes out pretty good. Not as good as if I did it myself but under certain circumstances it does it's job. Not sure if you have any in your area. But yes, machines = NO!!!
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Default RE: Car washes....

Oh no, we have mostly truly "Hand Car Washes" up here - not many people will use one with brushes (I haven't seen one of those in a long time)... I'll tell you what... From one herniated disc to another... Bring it up and I'll give it a good wash and polish for you anytime!!!
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Default RE: Car washes....

If the car wash has brushes or the cloth strips... do not take it in there... very bad for paint. Stang or no stang.. a few passes through that and swirl city.

A high power spray drive through is better.. but stilll not for me.

If you see my car going through a car wash... call the cops.. cuz someone stole my car..
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Default RE: Car washes....

NOTHING, is better than a "handjob" delivered by a qualified person,....................
that knows how to do it RIGHT !
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Default RE: Car washes....

i will admit i have taken it to a car wash before, AND I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN. i had swirl marks, and really fine scratches all over my car. i had to use that scratch remover stuff for a few hourse and i got it back to almost new. i now live in an apartment complex and they yelled at me for washin it myself so i have to bring my soap, a bucket, and a washing mit to the do it your self car washes and do it there. ****in blows.
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Default RE: Car washes....

I am no fan of quick automatic car washers and avoid them like plaguefor many reasons, but I assure no commercial machine will hurt the stock GT spoiler, maybe the guy had a bad experience with some ricer and their oversized poorly fitted spoiler.
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Default RE: Car washes....

I'll send my wifes BMW through a car wash but not my Mustang!
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