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Default RE: Another poser thread.


Makes you wonder what else they pose as. A man??
so giddyup, this reply was aimed at the persons car then, right? again this is beyond opinion ...according to your explanation you claim you are not calling any0ne a by that logic you are stating above that this persons car may also try to pose as a man...hmmm does not make sense...anyways...I love opinions...just think we all go over the top at times and make it personal....hate the car...not the person for modding..enjoy life..enjpy ur stang
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Default RE: Another poser thread.

Yea, I kind of slipped up there. Caught me during a moment. It's hard for me to judge the person since I don't know them. I can often times wonder why they do the things they do, but I have ALWAYS said it's their car. I don't have to like it or even pretend I do. I have an opinion where it's cars or flowers. I don't like the paperwhites that grow during Christmas. Very pretty, but in my opinion an awful smell. Doesn't mean I hate GOD or even the nursery guy for growing them.
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Default RE: Another poser thread.


vack75, Jason, couldnt have said it better brother.

oakman, love your car

chef, where have you been? good to see you back but sorry on a thread like this[&:]

gidyupgo, ease it up bro. there are bigger issues in this world to worry about. i know you didnt start this but anytime i see a thread like this, like the hood pins thread, you seem to be the first bashing. its not that big ofa deal. call me a kr shelby gt500 supersnake poser. there i did it for you. it doesnt make me, pascal, mystang04, cheftj, mygt500, pertano, larmo, and many other guys bad people, its just how we chose to "PERSONALIZE" our cars.
Look guy I like your car it's not the grill that bothered me if you read it again I said it looked good its the false Shelby name plate on the back that I don't understand. Hell I have looked at options of changing my grillbut I'm not selling it on it being a Shelby either. All you people who are offended I meant no ill. I just wanted to understandyour thinking. Peace Out.
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Default RE: Another poser thread.


ORIGINAL: Orion_240

Is there a women's forum where they start threads about seeing someone with fake b[:-]bs and call her a poser?
I volunteer to be the examiner to find the posers ! !

Me too!!
Hell, I'll even do it blind folded
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