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Why do I miss 3rd while powershifting so often?

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Cusp what you're talking about is the engine and transmission torquing over on the soft factory mounts. When that happens, because the shifter is mounted to the body of the car, the linkage is misaligned and cannot properly engage the shift forks inside the transmission. After that short amount of time, the engine has rolled back the other way and the linkage all lines up. The safest way to remedy this is to install a stiffer set of motor mounts. Doing this will limit the amount of movement the drivetrain can go through. It will also cause an increase in NVH because it will be a more 'direct' mount to the chassis.

For a little more price, and a lot less hassle, you can also choose to install the CHE K-Member brace with torque limiters. However, if you choose to go that way, keep in mind that you are now using the mounting flange on the transmission and engine block to do something for which they were never designed. There have been a few early cases where the case on the transmission or engine have broken from these added stresses (though I understand there has been a redesign of parts, and a change in torque specifications that has kept it from happening more recently). Still, when tasking a part with a job it wasn't designed for, this is something that can happen, and should be considered.

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Originally Posted by 2005Redfire6 View Post
The worst thing I've done shifting is punch my Skipper 500(when I had it) when my hand slipped slamming 3rd, I've also minorly grinded here and there.
I bet that solved any rattle issues though lol
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Are the new 5.0's interference engines?
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highly recommend the che k-member brace with torque limiters. just got mine installed and wish i had installed it the day i bought the car. i haven't had a problem with the 2-3 shift, but i have had problems shifting smootly from 1-2. i've always been able to shift smoothly in my other cars but in my mustang i always felt like it took too much work/concentration. now normal driving/shifting is mindlessly smooth like it should be...

check out these links for other satisfied customers, a lot of them had the same problem with the 2-3 shift as well.

yeah, there is a little more vibration felt during idling. but nothing terrible and i quickly got used to it.
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there was a TSB on early 05 cars that added torque limiters for this exact problem. i wonder if we could buy those parts and add them to other cars. This is an issue on the ten as well. AND i have an embarrassing story about shifting in my 05.

Like three weeks after I got it some ricer revved me so we took off. i was behind him at the light and it took a while to clear him because he was so damn slow and other cars were beside me. the first embarrassment is that the car was on tires even crappier than the stockers and it got sideways big time about a foot from the guys door when I went around him. It looked like i was drifting it was funny/embarrassing/scary as hell i nearly shat myself luckily i have years of experience doing stupid stuff and saved it. Then to make matters worse he didn't let up so i got back in it and went to about 130 before i started to put it into fifth from fourth and coast down to sane speeds again. Only I crammed it in third at 120 plus instead of fifth. talk about rev limiter and I left skid marks on the road from slowing down so fast and i nearly hit the steering wheel with my head, it was embarrassing as hell lol. live an learn, was my first modern mustang and my first street race lol... at least i won.

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I find it easy to miss 2 or 3rd when shifting manually with an automatic. It doesn't lock into place and is very easy to push it just a tad too far to skip a gear
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