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Default 05 GT Overheating

Recently my car started overheating and i came to the conclusion that the cooling fan will not come on unless the AC is on. I have changed the relays, fuses, and the thermostat but still the same problem. My car will still overheat even with the AC/Fan on and idling or in stop and go traffic, but does just fine on the highways. Anyone have any other ideas?
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Have you checked your thermostat, possible it is not opening fully so the flow on the highway is ok but not street driving
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I have not had to deal with mine. But, on Crown vics, the module that controls the fan goes bad and causes the same symptoms. The only way the module is sold, is WITH the fan and shroud. This may be your issue.
I also must ask if the coolant level is full. Sounds silly, I'm sure. But the basics have to be covered.
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Have you checked the water pump?
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i gotta go with thermostat also, based on it still overheating even with
the fan running with AC on.
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I had a problem with my 07 GT where the cooling fan stopped working and my car overheated. Dealer said my cooling fan ground was bad and had to replace my entire fan.
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how hot does your 2005 run? i had a water temp gauge installed and i think my car runs alittle high too..190 seen it climb to 220 though..ill be installing a mashimoto rad and new fan hopefully it helps...what did you end up doing?
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I landed on this forum after some internet searching because I'm having basically the same issue. My 03 GT has been having overheating issues for quite some time. The cooling fan will not run when the car gets hot, but will run if I turn on the A/C.
Yet, even if I run the A/C, the car overheats after about 10 minutes of city driving. When I turn the A/C on and turn the temperature dial to hot, that prevents overheating. But since I live in Florida, I need the car to run efficiently with the A/C blowing cold air. I've never had issues with the A/C producing cold air.
The temperature gauge works until it reaches halfway then does not continue to move past that point, even though I know the engine is much hotter.

I went to a local Ford dealership for a diagnostic test, where I was told I needed to replace the cooling fan assembly and that my battery was weak (perhaps this overall cooling issue is causing wear and tear on the battery?).

The cooling fan and thermostat were both replaced about 2 years ago when the car was overheating. The issue back then was a plug in that is located by the fan towards the passenger side (my dad is my mechanic, so I apologize for not knowing exactly what this plug in part is...).

I went to purchase a new cooling fan assembly from AutoZone, where the employee there talked me out of that and into buying a new temperature control sensor based on what I told him. I already replaced the CCRM thinking that was the issue before I brought it in for a diagnostic test. I disagree with the diagnostic test because in my understanding, the cooling fan itself works however the fan isn't receiving the signal to activate when the engine is hot. So to me that would mean it would be some sort of sensor or relay that is bad, but I very well could be wrong. But right or wrong, it just want it fixed!!

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
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Originally Posted by Tim2005 View Post
how hot does your 2005 run? i had a water temp gauge installed and i think my car runs alittle high too..190 seen it climb to 220 though..ill be installing a mashimoto rad and new fan hopefully it helps...what did you end up doing?
220 is normal with stock fan settings.

Check the underside of you main fuse box under the hood. At least two people had the bottom side of the cooling fan relay burn up and cause the high speed fan to not come on.

Just because the fan is running, that doesn't mean it's running on the high speed setting and low speed will not cool your car sitting in traffic.
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