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Default 302 or 351 HO? Egads.

I have a 93 mustang lx with the 2.3L 4 cyl. It is a dog and really not as much fun as I want to have. I want to put a different engine in it but am unsure as to what to put into it. I have two options. I have a 302 out of an 89 Ford F-250 or 350,and a 351 HO out of an 80s Bronco. Which would you choose?

I would mainly be using it as an everyday drive. I imagine the 302 to be ALOT better on gas than the 351, but the 302 is a little more sissy compared to the 351. Its a tough choice. basically what I want to know is which one would be easier, more cost efficient to install, again I am thinking the 302 would be cheaper and easier. But I really LOVE the 351, its a beast, and what is the fun in putting in a 302 if you could just put in the 351.

351 or 302? Both are non-efi. If I install the 351 am I basically going to have to change everything about the car? ie: suspension, transmission, front end?

Give me some ideas, money is a little tight, but I can survive on ramen noodles and bologna sandwiches.

Basically, I just want the most fun and thrills for the cheapest amount of money. There, I said it.

Let me know which will take the most amount of work, which will be the best overall, which will be the easiest for my father and I to do. He is old and I am not the best mechanic. He has the know how, I have the youth.

Thank you in advance for any info you can offer.

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Default RE: 302 or 351 HO? Egads.

It wont be cheap. And if your fonds are tight.
It would be cheaper to just buy a Mustang with a 302 or 351 in it already.
You could fine 1 for around 2k to 3k used.
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Default RE: 302 or 351 HO? Egads.

sorry but I really disagree with the response above. You could do the whole swap for at most 1500. You cab probably find a junkyard motor for about 500, use 500 to rebuild it yourself then the last 500 as backup. I would really worry about the 4 cyl trans though...the torque of a 351w would eat that thing up.

I would probably go with the 302 you have...the 351w youve got is a flat tappet version. You can get plenty of power out of a 302...though I think the motor out of the f250 isnt a ho and has a different firing order than the 5.0 HO in the mustangs.
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Default RE: 302 or 351 HO? Egads.

The 302 to 351W swap is not hard. the 4 cyl to 351 is more challenging. The 351 is much taller than the 302, especially when EFI is used. A 302 with an RPM Air Gap is VERY close if you don't use a spacer under the carb. The swap for a 351W will involve different headers than a 302, but hey...you already have to change all the exhaust being your swapping a 4 cyl. The 351 will present hood clearance problems of varying degrees depending on the intake/carb/EFI setup you use. The 302 should be ok with all but high single plane intakes (for a carb set up). I used a custom PA Racing tubular k-member on my 302 to 351 swap with dropped mounts and a 3" cowl hood to clear the TFR (EFI) intake and T.B.

You'll need a transmission/bell housing and a computer to match the motor you decide to use IF you go with EFI. I used the stock computer in my 92 for the 302 to 351 swap but had to get a SCT piggy-back to tune it correctly for the 351W. A stock T-5 doesn't like seeing much more than 300 ft.lbs. of tourque so take that into consideration. A C4 may be a better choice and will work without driveshaft mods other than replacing the trans yoke.

Suspension won't be a too big a problem, but I would recommend the V8 front struts and maybe spindles since the struts and spindles are different V8vs4 cyl. If you retain the 4cyl springs, a bump steer kit should be considered.

I think you'll find the swap will cost more than $1500, but I guess it's possible using salvage parts.

By the way, firing order for the 351W and the 302 H.O. is 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8. A standard 302 (non-H.O. roller) is 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8. Pay attention if you start swapping cams etc.
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