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Default Frustrated!

K I am really trying not to be annoying. I apologize if I have been. I am a total noob to cars. Especially muscle. Everytime I think I figure something out that I want to do to my car it gets tossed out the window. I am from CA so it makes it hard to have fun with my GT. Anyway if there is one kind soul out there that might be from CA themselves that has something similar to an 04 Mustang GT, if you could kindly pm me and help me out I would appreciate it trememdously. Thank you very much.
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Default RE: Frustrated!

You are very limited in what you can do to a mustang and still maintain its smog legal status in CA. There are however several things you can do that will not affect you passing inspection.

For starters, Gears. You can swap out your rear end gears for 3.73s, 3.90s, or 4.10s which will drastically improve your cars acceleration. It won't even feel like the same car and is one of the best "bang for your buck" mods to any mustang.

Secondly, Catback exhaust. Put a set of Borla Stingers or Flowmasters will give your car the musclecar sound that everyone envys.

Third, remove your air silencer and replace your stock air filter with a K+N filter. Quick and easy, and will help out gas mileage and add a couple of hp.

Get a tune. I recommend Sniper Special forces custom tuning software, it has incredible features, more adjustability and you can get them for less than a hendheld. (or you could buy my Predator in my Sig).

Suspension and tires. Lots of mustang owners tend to overlook this when planning out their builds. A good set of springs and rear lower control arms, will improve handling, get rid of the 4x4 look, and help you get the power you have to the ground. Match that up with a good set of tires, and you should have no traction issues, especially being in the stock hp range.

And lastly, but in no way shape or form least, get a blower. Contrary to popular belief the only two superchargers that carry a CARB certification on a 2004 mustang gt is the 8psi Procharger and the saleen series IV. Lots of other kits are legal for the 99-03, but not on the 04. Believe me I've done my research. This is one of the big reasons I went with Procharger, cause the saleen is very inneficient after about 350rwhp, but a procharger can take you past what your stock engine can handle.

All these mods put together is really a transformation from a stock mustang. a 400rwhp car is anything but a run of the mill daily driver. If that power range is not enough, you can always keep your stock parts and swap them back come smog time, but if you won't be doing the work yourself I strongly advise against installing anything that does not carry a CARB number for your 2004 mustang as swapping back and forth will be very costly. Here is a website with all the smog legal mods for cars in CA if you have any questions about a specific part.

BTW I feel your pain, I just moved back and am thanking the gods that I saved my stock stuff.

edit: spelling
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Default RE: Frustrated!

Wow thank you so much.
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