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David Richardson
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Default 2000 GT dying on me.. Need advise...

I have a 2000 GT convertible. I've never had any problems with it at all.. It currently has 112,000 miles on it and is in great condition. It is dying on me as I drive down the highway on long road trips. The only common element each time is the amount of gas in the gas tank which is 1/4 and the fact that I am on a straight long journey without long stops or breaks. The first time it happend I changed the fuel filter hoping that was the problem. The filter was in need of changing but it did it again not 48 hours later.. The car just isn't getting fuel and it shuts down. After sitting on the side of the road for about 5 minutes then it starts back up and runs fine the rest of the trip.. I'm considering either the pump is not picking up what little fuel is in the tank or it is some how causing a vapor lock or vacuum lock for some reason. I might also just need to not let it drop below 1/2 a tank and maybe open the gas cap and let it breath every now and then. Has anybody had problems like this and what did they do to fix it.
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The sock filter on the pump itself maybe crudded up really good.
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^^^sounds like that could be what it is. When you turn the key to the on position, can you hear the pump run ( slight "whrrr"-ing sound)
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Funny story, which may also give you some insight.......

Since everyone who has had a Starter or fuel pump crap out on them knows the trick of "Banging on it"..( Works on all types of electric motors by the way)and we have all seen that "Brown paper bag " stuff that is used to suck up moisture on new parts. I had a Customer a few years ago that went thru 5 fuel pumps after a Fuel tank replacement. It was accidentally left in there when some lugnut at a backroads garage installed the tank, floated up when he filled the tank, and got stuck in the pick-up sock when he ran below 1/4.Smack the bottom of the tank, and it started. Since he never brought the car in below 1/4 we never saw the paper, as it floated into a corner when we pulled the tank down.....When we ran the car out of gas, there it was stuck to the sock.

I agree with the others, you have a plugged up sock. replace the sock, and look carefully in the tank for a "Floating Something" before reassembly.

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Your pump might be on it's way out.... sounds similar to problems I was having a few weeks before it died.
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Could be the pump, could be the internal filters, it MIGHT even be the fuel pressure driver module in the trunk.
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2000 gt 4.6l, dying, fuel, pump, vacuum

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