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New Guages installed - kinda

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The hot spots are the only thing that has kept me from doing this. Aren't they noticable at all? The pictures make them very defined.
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Originally Posted by GThopeful View Post
The hot spots are the only thing that has kept me from doing this. Aren't they noticable at all? The pictures make them very defined.
You can hardly notice mine in person but they do show up more in pictures
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Old 12-26-2010, 11:15 AM
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Is that red gauge a prosport? how do you like those??
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Default Pictures?

I am new to this forum and enjoy the information gathered but do not understand how to physically view pictures when posted? Is there a process? Am I not "signed up" for something?

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nice job rman, you should make a little write up on this

I put some cheap LEDs in mine last year and love them - I don't have any hot spots that are visible to the human eye
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Old 12-27-2010, 04:03 PM
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Originally Posted by JT76 View Post
Is that red gauge a prosport? how do you like those??
They are sorta popular in the mazda community and they sort of blow. The one in my car was always a few psi off and most have a similar story.
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Old 12-29-2010, 01:30 PM
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With the Tri LEDs the hotspots are not notice able at all i would say, and again fully dimmable.
Pictures definitely make them look like they are there.

Yes it is a prosport there building is not to far so i picked some up. I like the gauge over all. It is 1 PSI off however because it sits a little below the zero it seems but i dont hit max boost that often to check and see if it is stopping at 10 or 11 PSI. Ill look into it and see. My buddy runs these in all his cars and never had a problem with them.

I Did a small write up on another board. I'll post my experience doing this project. It has a small write up and will include the bulb #'s etc. The other board had ALOT of misinformation that I wanted to get cleared up.
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Little update on my experience with doing this project on my 02 mustang

Q.How to change the bulbs ---and --- Why is it Aqua, not bright etc?!?
*I DID have to sand off the green tint from behind my gauges. This is most likely why people are still getting a light aqua color because the blue lights are shining through a green film making it harder to see as well. To be safe and not be disappointed i recommend doing it this way. Also take a picture of your gauges before you do all this, it will help down the road.
1. Take out the gauges
2.Take out the 8 15 torx screws from the front of the gauge bezel
3. Gently pull the needles straight up, someone recomeneded using a fork to do this. They may seem impossible but they will come off (this will require you to recalibrate the gauges when you put them back on)
4. Gently pry off the gauge face from the clear backing behind it there is glue holding it on in some spots.
5. Get out the dremel and on low sand off the green from all the places u want to change colors.
6. Put it all back together in reverse order.
With the green off the light shining through should be whatever color the lights are, mine are still incandescent stock ones so it is a yellowish, i will use White LEDs to maintain the red on my gauge face.

Q. How do i change the color of the Odometer!?!?
A video of this procedure is posted on Youtube and he makes it out to be some secret but this trick has been around a long time . We used to use this trick on the Celica's (my old car)
This will require taking off the gauges and needles etc just as taking off the green tint will.
1. Take off the needles, gauges, etc. just as before. It is easy to do this all at one time.
2. There is green yellow tint on the gauge face over the odometer making it green you need to either A) sand off the yellow (this resulted in a blurry look) or B) cut that area out with a the Dremel and sand the edges down. I ended up doing this as the blurry look was horrible and must say it is much cleaner to do it this way.
3.Get a small piece of RED and BLUE cellophane (micheals, joannes fabrics, a party store, etc should have it) and tape it to the back of the gauge face over the odometer area. I used 3 peices of red and one of blue for a whiter look.
4. Walla! blue odometer. It will be a lighter blue, you might need to try different cellophane combo's (1 red 2 blue, 2 blue 1 red, etc).

Q. How to recalibrate the gauges?
A. There is a nifty trick that the car has - a diagnostic feature on the odometer. This is not used as a way to pull all your cars codes but it can show some etc. along with engine speed, tach, and all the features of your gauges in a digital readout.
* Do not put the plastic cover over the gauges yet! recalibrate then take it out and put it all back together.
1. press the odometer reset for a few seconds with the key out of the ignition
2. insert key and turn to the accessory position while holding the button in. Hold it in until you see it say TEST. You can now start the car and read the diagnostic display or do it while the engine is off.
3. release and click the button to scroll through the different read outs.
4. The oil and battery are basically dummy gauges. Put them in the middle.
5. The tachometer can be done standing still
6. for the others drive at a slow speed in an open area read the readout and stick the needles on where they need to be. Resort back to your picture if necessary.
* There are other ways to do this step, it was way to complicated for me however.

Hope this helps, Just a quick write up but it was pretty simple to do. Hardest part is recalibrating the gauges. There are other write ups around as well on other forums that are more in depth. But mine sums it up
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