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forum rules and information for new members

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Default forum rules and information for new members

basic rules & info

1. Use the search function when looking for information. Make sure to change the Time filter a longer time span to bring up more posts.
2. Use the search function when looking for information. (this was not a mistake)
3. Be nice, golden rule.
4. Click "New Post" or "New Poll" to start a post or poll
5. Don't be afraid to ask questions, just try to do your research first (take a look at the Mustang Tech Links Sticky for common tech articles; and the search function) if that doesn't help, then ask the question.
6. When asking a question, put part of the question in the subject title, this makes it easier on people glancing through posts. In your actual post, state your question, and all the details surrounding it. Like symptoms, and list your mods as well.

How to put a picture in a post:

When you write a post...
1. Look in the bottom left hand corner of the white area you write in. You'll see something written in blue it says
Click here to upload!
Well go ahead and click it.
2. After that, hit "Browse..." on one of the browse buttons, locate your file and select it.
You just have to make sure the picture is under 400kb. You can upload a few pictures, but total size must be under 400kb.
At the bottom of that window it tells when you how much space you have left to upload more pictures with.
If you right click on your file (wherever it is, My Computer, etc) and go to properties, it will tell you how large the file is
it will say "Size: 230 kb"
You may have to resize your picture if it is over 400kb, or ask someone else to do it.
3. Hit "OK" and the pictures will now be included in your post, but if you want them to actually appear as pictures and not a link, you must click "Embed pictures in post" right next to the Click here to upload! link.

How to assign a signature (picture or writing at the bottom of a post)

1. Click "My Profile" in the list of options at the top of the screen
2. From here you can edit everything to do with your name on Mustang Forums.
3. Scroll down to signature
4. Type what you want to show up at the bottom of your every post like mods, model year, etc.
5. Click right below on "Always attach signature in posts"
6. If you want a picture to show up in your signature, this is the tricky part; you need to find a website to host your Signature picture; Such as Yahoo Geocities, putfile, etc. This is the hardest part.
7. After you sign up with one of these sites you need to upload your picture onto their site, write down the URL to access the picture.
Ex. Mine is
(Someone might make a signature for you, if you can't. Go to the "Chop Shop" section on the main page and make a post asking for a Sig)
8. Now in the same slot of (3.) (Signature) below whatever you wrote, type this;
[IMG]the link to your URL[/IMG]
This same rule applies for putting a link in your signature; except instead of writing [IMG]URL[/IMG] you write URL
*The MAX size for a sig picture is 500 WIDE by 250 TALL*
The "PGD code" button above the Signature box lists other "tags" to do similar things in your signature
9. Scroll down and click "Apply" for these changes to go into effect.

How to assign an avatar (picture below user name on a post)

1. Click "My Profile" in the list of options at the top of the screen
2. From here you can edit everything to do with your name on Mustang Forums
3. Scroll down to My Avatar
4. From here you have 2 choices, either hit "Click to choose avatars" and use some stock photos mustang forums has, or hit "Upload my picture (will replace the existing one)" If you choose the second option, you obviously need to make an avatar to begin with. Click "browse" to select the picture, and "OK" to put it in place. Make sure if fits the requirements (145 X 145; those are pixels, they are a unit of size. And 20KB or less)
5. Scroll down and click "Apply" for these changes to go into effect.

thanks go out to ricepatrol for taking the time to write this useful info[sm=smiley20.gif]


i want this forum to have the most positive and motivating atmosphere possible. if anybody needs anything, anything at all, please PM me, that's what i'm here for. i am online about 12 to 16 hours a day so chances are, if you need me, i'm here. again, i do encourage everyone to take action and contact me when anything might deserve some attention.

thank you, and enjoy [sm=yeahsmile.gif]

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