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5.0L (1979-1995) Mustang Technical discussions on 5.0 Liter Mustangs within. This does not include the 5.0 from the 2011 Mustang GT. That information is in the 2005-1011 section.
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Default No start, only a click

Ive noticed that the 93 stang has been taking just a few seconds longer to start recently, then today, no start at all.

Turned the key and only got a single click.

Doesnt seem to be the battery because the lights, alarm and stereo still work.
Could it possibly be the starter or solenoid? The click i get seems to be coming from the top of the bay so i'm hoping its just a bad solenoid.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Did you try jumping it - there might be a little juice left in the battery to power some of your accessories.
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Sounds like solenoid to me,but a low battery will do the same thing.Need to invest in a volt meter if you are going to be a motor head.Good battery will be at a minimum 12.65 volts with engine off.Running voltage at battery should be 13.6 to 14.3.The solenoid is a wear item just like the battery.My 91 eats a battery every 3 years even with a high amp alternator.
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Originally Posted by 7STANG View Post
Did you try jumping it - there might be a little juice left in the battery to power some of your accessories.
I would at least try jumping it before you write the battery off completely.
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bad/loose battery cables will do this too. enough juice to power the lights, and power the solenoid/relay but not enough current flow to crank the car over. make sure they're nice and tight and also free of any high resistance
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All this is really good advice. I would definitely invest in a cheap multimeter and test everything before just going out and buying brand new parts. I had to learn the hard way myself!
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Old 03-30-2011, 02:18 PM   #7
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if you have rust build up on your terminals that could be a problem too. make sure you clean them.
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I had the same problem recently, where the lights would still come on. I did the starter and nothing. I then had the battery tested and when i hooked it up, somehow it fried my wires and solenoid. I went and got a new solenoid and cables and it still didn't start. I took the battery back and it tested bad. When i put on the new batter it started, but woulnd't shut off until I pulled the battery cable off. So i started it again and tapped on solenoied and it would shut off. I replaced the solenoid again and problem gone.

I just started throwing stuff on to fix it, but Im thinking it was mostly likely a bad solenoid, battery or possibly the cables.
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the battery certainly could be the problem, but if you have loose/bad connections, USUALLY when you get that click it'll shut off the vehicle entirely because the connections jar. You may also have a bad solenoid, it could also be a bad starter motor. If you determine the battery isn't the problem have someone tap the starter with a hammer while someone else tries to start, if it starts then the starter motor is your problem
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