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Default Catch Can = no oil "consumption"????

Since I've had the car, I've had to add at least a quart of oil between changes (about every 5000 miles).

Added a catch can about 3000 miles ago.. and ZERO oil loss.. It's caught a fair amount of oil.. maybe a little over an ounce.. but keep checking my oil out of habit and this will be the first time i haven't had to add anything between changes. I'm in stop and go for 20 miles to work, and mixed stop and go 20 miles home.. lots of time in the 3000-4000 rpm range and engine braking (which is hard work for the engine).

Can this be a coincidence? If not, explain to me how this magic works. I haven't changed anything else.. Mobile 1 synth with Motorcraft filter since I bought the car (ordered for me). Now have around 38,000 miles.
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Originally Posted by MrSandman View Post
...explain to me how this magic works...
Well, first off, magic isn't magic any more once someone explains it.

I think it's just coincidence and nothing else. The catch can isn't catching anything to speak of - an ounce is exceptionally good - so you've got a tight engine that's finally fully broken in and now you're one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to add oil.
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It's coincidence and it's spelled 'Mobil 1".
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Default engine broken in

Your engine is broken in now. Most new vehicles have some oil consumption until the piston rings have sealed up.

The catch can thing is a coincidence.
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I've been running Mobile 1 since "Day 1" that's not it.

I'm fine with it being a coincidence, but it was like one day burns oil, the next it doesn't. Either way, happy I didn't need to add this time around.
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I too am past the 38K mile mark, I'm now over 40K miles in my car.
Just like you, I notice that the engine is throwing back much blown by gases and oil vapors through the PCV. I can attest to that by the lack of very much oil in my catch cans.

I too concur that the fact our engines are now fully broken in is the key.

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52k miles on mine and haven't had to add a drop this oil change (which is when I changed to Mobil 1 10w-30). Bought it at 46k with a fresh oil change from the Chevy dealer (who knows what oil and a Valvoline filter), and had to add about half a quart during that 5k miles. Runs like a dream
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