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Default Cam question

I am making some mild mods to my c-code 289, and am looking at a k-code hi-po cam. is this a good cam? how is its efficiencey, drivability, performance, etc? What kind of increase from stock can i expect? How does it compare to a mild cam from comp, crane, etc? I want to use only ford parts on my car so I really dont want to go to an aftermarket cam. Also I have an autolite 4100 600cfm carb stock 302 4br intake and hi-po exhaust manifolds, with 2 inch exhaust.
Thank you
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Default RE: Cam question

If it's an actual k code cam, then it's not gonna be very efficient at all, especially by modern standards. If you're gonna go to the trouble of swapping cams you might want to seriously consider a good aftermarket camshaft. Vaveltrain technology has come a long way in the last 40 years. I know that comp makes modern versions of factory muscle cams. They have several different k-code replacement cams, so you might want to consider that as an option if you're trying to stay more true to form
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Default RE: Cam question

There is a hydraulic version of the hi-po cam available (I know Glazier's sells it) that supposedly works great. The problem with dropping a high-revving cam like that in a non-K code motor is that the stock rod bolts aren't going to stay together at the 7k rpm thata hi-pocam will gladly turn, given the right valvetrain upgrades (springs, screw-in studs).

If you're doing mild mods, a mild Comp Cams cam or Edelbrock Performer Plus cam will probably be fine.
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Default RE: Cam question

Good advice from 67, since you don't have a stock engine why go toa stock cam. The specs on the K code cam arent worth the effort IMO.
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Default RE: Cam question

I won't get into the new technology/old technology debate but since I did exactly what you are contemplating, I'll offer you my experience. Back in the mid seventies, I put a factory K-Code solid lifter cam in a 69 302 2V Mustang 4spd. I used a 600 Holley on an Edelbrock manifold,Hookers, and a 4.62 rear with Traction-Loc. I didn't swap the press in rocker studs or do any bottom end work. It ran great and sounded even better. I didn't twist it past 6800 and couldn't break it. Are there better performing components nowadays? perhaps but I have not heard an after market K-Code cam that sounds like the original.
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Default RE: Cam question

The main reason the old school cams sound so good is from all the overlap. They didn't know how to get good power out of cams like they do today, so they went with what they knew, keeping both valves open together longer, and with long duration, so you got a healthy lope, and good scream at higher rpm. Modern cams that sound like the cams from the 60's are just absolute animals
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