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Default new vs. rebuilt?

Im looking to buy a new t5 transmission within the next week or so to put into my 65 coupe, and I was wondering what everyones thoughts are on a new vs. a used/rebuilt one. One of the advantages that I like about the rebuilt ones ive looked at are the 3.35 first gear as opposed to the new 2.95 first gear, as well as the prevalence of higher nickel content gears in rebuilt transmissions (was told this was a good thing). However, the price difference after core charges and shipping makes a brand new one only $245 more. The rebuilt trans I am considering is:

also here on ebay - (

So, are the higher nickel content gears that much better?
Does the 3.35 vs. 2.95 gear ratio make that much difference?
And is purchasing a rebuilt t5 a relatively safe bet?

Just dont want to end up throwing a grand into a "rebuilt" trans and ending up with a really fancy boat anchor shortly down the road....
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Your thinking is very clear. There's a rebuilder near here (a speed shop that sees a lot of Fox Mustangs) who charges about that, and I'd choose his trans or a new one as about equal in quality. If that's the case for what you are considering, then choose the ratio you want. If you wind up with a first gear granny-crawler, it'll bother you a lot more than the cost. With a good rebuilder, you should be able to select the gear ratios in advance.
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Originally Posted by rusty65 View Post
Does the 3.35 vs. 2.95 gear ratio make that much difference?
It makes a big difference. It's the same difference as a 3.00 vs 3.40 rear gear (when you are in 1st gear). What rear gear ratio do you have now (or what will you change to)? If you have 2.70 to 3.00 rear you'll benefit by 3.35 first gear. If your rear gear is 3.50 or numbericly higher, you'll want the 2.95 first gear, otherwise the RPMs will wind up too quick (like a granny gear as mentioned by 2+2GT).
I went with a TKO-500 with a 3.27 first gear. The rear gear is 3.00 and the combo turned out great with alot more pull in 1st gear than the old automatic C6 had (which had a 2.46 first gear).

Not all t-5s are built the same either, so it depends on how much torque your engine puts out. Some T-5s were ment for only 4 cyl cars. The world-class (as shown in your link) T-5 WC is more heavy duty for mildly built v8s. The T5-Z is actually the best rated at 330 ft/lbs torque built for the Cobras.
I went with the TKO-500 which is rated 500 ft/lbs because a stock 351C puts out 370 ft/lbs. With a 65
though, you better stick with a T-5, due to fitment problems with the TKO (unless you have a beast in that 65!).

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+1 with 2+2.
The more important issue is WHO built the trans. It is most important to purchase the trans from a builder who has built a good reputation and is easy to work with.

There is some wisdom in purchasing rebuilt due to the many seasoning cycles the parts have been through. The parts have been through a lot and lived, so they are stable. This is debatable.

I would ABSOLUTELY demand bearings made in USA, that is a huge benefit to ordering a rebuilt "to-order". I would never order from an unknown company/person. Chinese bearings are absolute garbage, don't let anyone try to talk you into using them to save a couple bucks, it is never worth it.

A reputable builder will stand by their product and Customer Service. This is worth more than any supposed cost savings.

The Nickel content in the gears is important in general. The Nickel adds strength, shock resistance, allows the use better heat-treating options and case-hardening for wear.
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Ok, thanks guy.

I've decided to go with a new T5-z from Modern Driveline, inc. as they have great reviews (and an A+ BBB rating to boot), and id just feel better putting a new transmission into my car since I cant find hardly any information on the company whose rebuilt tranny I was considering. Another big plus of using this company is free shipping (as well as return shipping if things go bad) and the ability to order a complete t5 swap kit from them.

Thanks again for the help!
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lets see, new = 200,000 plus miles, figuring you drive normally. rebuilt = well maybe 30,000 maybe 200,000. guess thats the answer i come up with = rebuilt = maybe.
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I just joined the site and this is the first post I read. I was going to suggest Moderndriveline. They are less than a mile from me and I also pick up transmissions from them for delivery. I drive for a national trucking company and we are in there regularly. Very nice and family oriented company. They have also been mentioned on Muscle car tv and were mentioned in a recent issue of car craft they did a trans swap on.
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Thats awesome None2Slow. Im glad to hear of someone with personal experience with them. Makes me feel better about sucking it up and spending a bit more
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