Passenger side mirror broken - how to fix -

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Old 10-20-2015, 10:43 AM
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Default Passenger side mirror broken - how to fix

Hello there Mustangforums,

I have a 2010 Mustang and the passenger side mirror broke. I made the foolish mistake of trying to drive through a car wash while it was not in service (only took Cash, only had card on me) and all was going well until one of the wipers slammed into my passenger side mirror and the mirror just flew right off (the actually casing or whatever you call it for the mirror is intact though, just came off the hinge)

Here's a picture ->

How much would this cost to fix? And can I do this myself or should I just bring it to the dealer and let them handle it? Also, I doubt insurance will cover it, but would they cover this? (stupidity and negligence aside)

Thanks (sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place)
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..... They let you just drive on in?
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Originally Posted by Peshields View Post
..... They let you just drive on in?
lol. Really stupid mistake/no thinking on my part buuut...the road going into the car wash is like a weird S shaped road. I got up to it and I didn't know that it only took cash, so I actually tried backing up but it was kinda difficult so I thought why not just go through the car wash (retarded idea, I know >_>).

I went in and everything was fine up until near the end, a wiper on my right hand side smacked into the mirror and the mirror popped out. I got out of the car wash, got out the car and tried looking for the mirror - nowhere to be found.
I even went around and checked if anything was damaged in the car wash place and everything seemed fine.

lol, you know now that I think about it, that place seems dangerous for cars. There's all sorts of random **** that fell off cars like antennas, random stuff from truck beds.

The place is an automatic car wash, there were no attendants or anything - this was literally at midnight and the place is 24/7.

I looked it up more online and apparently it's about $250, parts + labor, at the dealer.

I feel like an idiot though, I seriously should have just tried reversing and upping my S-shaped-road reverse-driving skills.
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