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Default Ford Motorsports parts vs aftermarket

Hi all,
Does anyone have any experience/opinion on Ford Motorsport upgrades vs. other aftermarket manufacturers?

I just bought a 2008 Mustang GT and have already upgraded to 373 gears. I have been looking into options for exhaust, cold air and calibration. I spoke to the local Ford Motorspors dealership today and was told that if i use the Ford Motorsports parts and have them installed by the dealership before my car hits 1000 miles, it will not void my 3 year warranty.

They upgrades i am looking at are the cold air kit with pro cal, mufflers, x pipe and short throw shifter. I just want to make sure that i am not sacrifice much, if any, performance in going with the Ford parts over something from Steeda, JNL, Bassani, etc. Any help is appreciated, i have 750 miles on the car and need to make a decision ASAP.


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The FRPP stuff is good, but generally the aftermarket stuff is better for pure gains, the FRPP stuff is a bit on the conservative side. As for what the salesman told you, that's complete BS, unless they can prove the part you put on the car was the cause of the failure they cannot deny your warranty claim. For just that reason I wouldn't even consider buying from them if they are trying to screw with you like that. Here post that explains that in detail.
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the Ford gears I believe are recommended so you probably went the right route there as others are known to whine.

You wont get near the performance with the FRPP parts as you would from getting a tune from brenspeed or bama. I believe the FRPP CAI is just like the steeda though I might be wrong on that.

Read the many posts about warranty voiding and how it isn't true. your car should have a 5 year 60k mile warranty on the engine which is the one you would need to worry about. My plan is that if I need to take it to the dealership I'll slap the old cai/tune back to stock, disconnect the battery. If they ask I'll tell them I disconnected the battery hoping to clear the check engine light.
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+1 on what Ato said.

I have done or had done a ton **** to my car with more to come and the dealership where I purchased the car has done most of the work outside the FI stuff, but they installed my RST clutch, FRPP 4.10s, welded my LCA bracket, installed my pro 5.0, and some other stuff. The warranty thing is crap unless the after market part directly causes the problem, which THEY have to prove. Any way the FRPP stuff from what I understand is standard mustang stuff they choose not to use as factory parts, say that they should in no way avoid your warranty, but the FRPP part is not covered under warranty unless stated, so you need to watch that. IE the Whipple won't void your warranty, but if you throw a rod good luck getting them to pay for it.
BTW: I purchased the 6yr warranty with the oil changes and crap (don't flame please), but I have never had an issue with my dealership (beer goes a long ways)
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Thanks for all the info. I called an old friend that is a top for mechanic (he moved far away or i would just use him) and he said the aftermarket issue always comes done to proof that the part cased the break. So basically i should have no problem with the bolt ons and tunes from other manufacturers. I need to search the threads, but I hear the Diablo is a good tuner.

Check my profile for updates!

Thanks again.
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Well, the bullitt gets you only 15hp at the crank over the gt, and thats the new frpp cai and procal right there.
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Originally Posted by 2cokeman View Post
Well, the bullitt gets you only 15hp at the crank over the gt, and thats the new frpp cai and procal right there.
Thats 5k more for 15hp.You'd think Ford would load their Bullitts with a little more powder.
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Learn on your own, I'm done.

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that dealer is dumb.

A LOT of the ford racing (FRPP) stuff is just another manufacturers parts with the ford insignia.

FRPP Gears = Motive
FRPP Exhaust = Borla (except for the GTA's)
FRPP shifter = Hurst
FRPP supercharger = Whipple
and we can go on and on and on.

If you want actual gains, and you dont want to spend the extra money for the ford oval, just look around or ask. You can get the same parts for quite a bit cheaper.
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