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Savage Penguin 07-20-2013 12:46 AM

SCT SF3 Firmware Update Issue
Not sure if this is the appropriate area for this, but I'm desperate. I just attempted to update my firmware on my SF3 tuner and it bricked. Anytime I connect it, it produces this message:

System Start Up
Please Wait...
Filesystem ERROR
Needs to be reloaded

ONFI x 4-bit

Of course the program advised me to return my vehicle to stock tune before updating the firmware... so right now I can't run my vehicle... and I have work in 6 hours. SCT isn't available during the weekend.

I believe I can load a previous version of the firmware, but I need to get it from someone (since their website only lets you update firmware with this new software). Does anyone have a .LWU file I can use?

hootie_john 07-21-2013 11:27 AM

From what I've seen - stay away from trying to update firmware on the SCTs. I have NEVER gotten it to work - I always stopped it after a couple hours of zero progress. Luckily, mine never bricked. Apparently it is supposed to take 5 minutes, but mine never did. I know that doesn't help you right now.

Anyway, hopefully someone can send you a file. If not, get on the phone with SCT first thing in the morning. They are pretty good with remote support from what I've read, but getting in touch with them can take some doing.

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