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Default hahaha hilarious youtube response


i got a couple of laughs from it. hope yall do as well
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know whut um sayin'?
I gots money, i gots plenties uv it.

Good grief.
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this comment is for first 5 sec: the first 5 seconds of seeing his glasses before he even opened his mouth I knew it was going to be good.

after watching it: AHAHAHA

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as hard pressed to speak proper english as the guy is... in the first two minutes of the video he kind of had a point.... there is this honda guy arguing with my on youtube right now about horsepower per liter and how that means he has a better car


again a stock ITR does it in t think 14.6 but its FWD without traction control and major work? dude with a good I/H/E my gsr would do a 14.7 with a good pass. thats 1.8 liters.a 3.9 liter engine is NOT tiny by any means many V12's are no more than 5 liters the RB26 is a 2.6 liter inline 6 honda makes the best engines in the world thats fact. no one else can dream of getting the power per liter honda can. 120 hp per liter is very very impressive. NO one else has that N/A.

"Honda, when horsepower per liter is more important than miles per hour"

you can brag about horsepower per liter all day it's not going to win you races against faster cars. you being an even match with my stock 4 door lincoln AFTER mods in hilarious. only a honda boy would gloat about that. let alone go out of his way to try and keep up with my GTO N/A

yeah, I have a 6.0L that makes about 450BHP now... the HP per litre sucks but I run mid 12's after a CAI+ tune. you don't

our honda comment made no sense. and MANY n/a hondas have done under the 12 second mark so hondas can keep up with the "faster cars" you speak of, bisi has a 9 second N/A f23 sohc non vtec with a trap of around 150mph...so **** with that since hp per liter means nothing. ill let you know when im done builing my engine 2.0 that will blow your mid 12s up.

horsepower per liter means nothing when it comes to racing... it's just a crutch honda guys like to use when their car is slower... and then like clockwork they take about some gutted, fully built race prepped honda that isn't theirs to defend against a faster car... yeah, you keep building that engine to match my basically stock one... horsepower per liter must REALLY matter lol

the main point about the HP per liter thing is they build a better engine and to say a 1.8 or a 2.0 liter engine that can keep up and beat a 6.0 liter or more is unimpressive is just dumb.my honda built will get better MPGs,Last alot longer,be cheaper all around and be able to run good 1/4th mile times and rip country roads or road courses up,it would really **** your 6.0 up on a road course.again stop acting like your in a whole other class than any honda stock hondas maybe, built nope

yeah, after awhile I'd get pissed too
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I checked out a couple of his vids and he seems like a pretty decent guy. At least he got one thing right in buying 2 stangs!! Pretty funny vid too...everyone who has to put up with Uncle Ben types feels the exact same way he does.
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Word up. Drive friendly.
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Thats a riot and he makes some good points
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I saw that video a week or so ago, that guy is something else.
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