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Default Lucas Oil Stabilizer Fail!!! DO NOT BUY!!!

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Im not a fan of it personally but alot of people use it without issue, this test is totally rediculous the reason it foams in that display is because there is no way to vent pressure build up like a motor can do in operation............especially spinnig it in such a small dispacement case with a power drill.
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how about we all agree that this little display doesnt prove anything.
Coming this spring, full sized displays of running motors with Lucas Oil Stabilizer!
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I also agree the display means nothing.
Not a fan of any Lucas product. Use a quality oil that meets ILSAC GF-5 and change it often to prevent sludging and you don't need to worry about crap like oil stabilizers.
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You got to admit it's fun to spin it
Not sold on it tho, think it's a ploy
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Originally Posted by lizzyfan View Post
You got to admit it's fun to spin it
Not sold on it tho, think it's a ploy
It's the equivalent to a heavy 60 grade engine lubricant with zero additives.

Using this, you have effectively diluted critical anti-wear engine lubricant additives with one quart of oil stabilizer that does nothing more than make the lubricant more viscous.

If you need a more viscous oil to solve eternal engines issues that normally are a per-cursor to an engine rebuild, just buy the heaviest 20W-50 lubricant you can find and use it. You would have accomplished the same thing.
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I've seen many such displays as this that show Lucas foaming. Some quite larger than those at the store. There's a website called Bob is the oil Guy that has lots if info on it. The idea that it doesn't prove anything is wrong. As the plain oil was spun the same rpm with the same conditions as the Lucas and no foam.
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Yep, the stuff traps air, dont want air between my crank and bearings, lol
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